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Jace’s sex life and the Carstairs name


Hi Cassie I love your books and am a huge fan but I was just wondering… Jace reveals (not that he’s had sex) that he’s been intimate before with a girl(s). I was just wondering if you had anyone in mind whom he’d been intimate with and why that didn’t even bother Clary? Would be so grateful if you answered my question Thank you — rottinpeace

I have various thoughts about Jace’s love life before Clary (we know he dated the faerie waitress, Kaelie, before Clary, because they actually snuggle and cuddle in front of Clary — I think people forget that!) but nothing so concrete I want to put to paper/Internet yet.

I assume Clary doesn’t care because why would she? It’s got nothing to do with her. He dated before her, in TDA Emma’s had boyfriends and sex before the book starts, in TID neither Will or Jem has had any sex before Tessa — people vary. I’m sure he’d tell her about it if she asked, but I suspect readers want to know the gory details more than she does. :)

Hi Cassie, I read  CoHF and The Infernal Devices too and I thought that Jem Carstairs was the last Carstairs alive, so how does Emma have the same last name? I read this and got a little confused, because Jem becomes an silent brother, resulting in the ending of that last name. Please help me. (if my English is a little poor I’m so sorry, because I’m Brazilian) Kisses! — aninkheart

And I’m leaving for Brazil tomorrow! Meanwhile, this is how the Carstairs name continues.

He was stocky, perhaps in his late thirties, with a scar that ran along his jaw. Tousled, fairish hair, and blue eyes, and skin tanned by the sun. It looked even darker against his starched white shirtfront. There was something familiar about him, something that teased at the edges of Tessa’s memories.

He came to a stop in front of them. His eyes flicked to Will. They were a paler blue than Will’s, almost the color of cornflowers. The skin around them was tanned and lined with faint crow’s-feet. He said, “You are William Herondale?”

Will nodded without speaking.

“I am Elias Carstairs,” the man said. “Jem Carstairs was my nephew.” 

— Clockwork Princess

The Carstairs line continues through Elias Carstairs. There are also other Carstairs. Jem never says he is the last of his line or the last Carstairs out there. Shadowhunter families can sometimes be huge — Cristina, Diego and Jaime are all Rosaleses, but Cristina is in fact related to neither of them except perhaps incredibly distantly.




What if Supernatural was about two demon brother’s that went around killing hunters?

We’re halfway there


Imagination is not only the uniquely human capacity to envision that which is not, and therefore the fount of all invention and innovation. In its arguably most transformative and revelatory capacity, it is the power that enables us to empathize with humans whose experiences we have never shared. — J.K. Rowling

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A Mikoshiba is not a Mikoshiba unless you’re suffocating in secondhand embarrassment



i love these two

TLH Snippet


about the Dark Artifices, are Jem and Tessa going to play a similar role to Will and Tessa in the Last Hours? I really enjoyed reading about the relationship in the Infernal Devices and the snippet in Heavenly Fire. I know you said in a previous post about how letting go of characters is a part of life, but JESSA. You’re amazing, your books are amazing, and Jem Carstairs is amazing. - Lily — falling-into-rain


I would say they play very different roles because Jem and Tessa are not the parents of anyone in The Dark Artifices.

Yes, Jem is distantly related to Emma through his uncle Elias, but neither he or Tessa are the parents of any of Our Heroes in TDA. They don’t even look old enough to be any of their parents. They have a more, I don’t know, almost Magnus-y role.

By contrast Will and Tessa are James and Lucie’s parents. They are obviously enormously bound up in their lives, love them enormously, and are people who James and Lucie spend their lives comparing themselves to and seeking approval and love from. They are also a generation older than them. Their friends are Jem and Gideon and Cecily and Gabriel and Sophie and Charlotte and Henry. Their kids are their kids, not so much their compatriots.

It’s known that Tatiana Blackthorn (nee lightwood) is the antagonist in TLH. I was just curious, if she still remained close to Gabriel and Gideon, and if she ever even attend their weddings? (Is this also when she started to plot her “revenge”?) — dumbledorelovessherbetlemons

Well, she is an antagonist. She may not be the only one. And she did not remain close to Gabriel or Gideon. She hates them.

Hi Cassie, I can’t wait for TLH and I would like to know what kind of relationship there’s between Lucie and Matthew? :) — warlockintothetardis

Lucie adores Matthew. He’s her brother’s parabatai. Everyone loves Matthew. He’s one of those people. Snippet:

Matthew held out his hands. “Pax,” he said, wheedlingly. “Let it be peace between us. You can pour the rest of the port on my head.”

James’ mouth curved up into a smile. It was impossible to stay angry with Matthew. It was almost impossible to get angry at Matthew. 


Toothless Dragon Trainer hoodie






this is fucked up. this fucked me up. the teachers fucked up by not showing us this fuck up. fuck.

dear god

i’m 28 and never knew this


This simultaneously shows the beauty of math’s many forms and the horror that most of us haven’t been taught the more accessible forms. SOMEONE TEACH US WELL ALREADY

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